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Leasing Improves
Cash Flow

Leasing provides 100%financing with no down payment. Lease payments are a fraction of the total purchase price and are a pre-tax expense. No compensation balances are required and lease payments can be scheduled to coincide with income fluctuations.
Leasing keeps your bank lines, and other sources available to meet short term requirements such as an inventory build ups and increased receivables.

Leasing Preserves
Other Credit Resources

Leasing Helps
Hedge Against Inflation

Each dollar paid in lease payments five years from now, will in all probability, have less purchasing power than today’s dollar. Therefore resulting “smaller dollars” are much easier to part with.
By leasing your company can keep your money in a motion of work. For example consider what $50,000.00 can do for the company when it is actively invested in inventory-rather than languishing in fixed equipment cost.

Leasing Keeps
Money In Motion

Leasing Simplies 

Budgets can more readily accommodate monthly lease payments than large cash expenses for purchasing fixed assets. If you have an asphalt company that needs to lease heavy equipment, expanding a call center that needs new cubicles and computers or a dental office adding stations and needs new technology. The diversity of options CFR leasing offers can seem limitless.
Leasing allows you to know exactly what your expenses will be over the term of your lease. Business’s cash flow fluctuates, knowing the bottom line every month brings peace of mind.

Leasing Offers
Fixed Rate Financing

Leasing Helps
Equipment Earn Its Keep

Employees are expected to earn their pay as they perform – Why not have that same approach regarding your equipment. With leasing you pay for your equipment as it benefits your company. Now you have access to the tools to increase growth and expand markets. Leasing gives you an advantage over your competitors that are not taking advantage of all the resources we offer that will help you.
Sometimes when you start out you may have just what you need. but as time goes on so does technology and upgrades to new equipment that will help you save time and money. When these changes come along CFR Leasing is a great resource partner to have in your corner. You can specify the equipment and the source of acquisition. We make sure we get you through the qualifying process asap get you a check for purchase and get you into the equipment you need. No bumps in the road. CFR Leasing makes the process simple and affordable.

Leasing Lets You 
Choose The Equipment

Leasing Makes More
Equipment Available

Growth is important to your company and we understand that. Leasing gives you the ability to invest a small portion of the actual cost of the equipment opening up your cash flow. It also allows for the use of the equipment to get more work and bigger ticket jobs. It allows for the use of a greater amount of equipment while controlling your bottom line
We know at CFR Leasing that business strategies change and you need to make those adjustments as you grow. Leasing offers the opportunity to return the company to the leasing company at the end of your lease and opt into newer equipment. If the equipment still meets your needs you have the opportunity to acquire ownership at fair market value or a set price. In certain cases you may renew your lease for an additional time period. Options are always available and our team is here to help.

Leasing Provides